Xbox One: When Will Xbox Maverick Go Out?

Xbox One

A few months ago some rumors had appeared and it had been claimed that the future of a completely digital Xbox One S console. According to reports, there will be no disk drive in this system and we will use the Xbox Game Pass with only digital downloads to install new games. This means that current Bluray drivers on existing Xbox Ones may also be outdated. So when will the diskless Xbox One come out? When is the release date of Xbox Maverick?

Xbox Maverick Release Date

Currently, this system is not only in the development process. At the same time, according to the new sources may come out when May comes.

The sources that speak to Windows Central are sure of their own and say that the new system’s code name will be Xbox Maverick, and the official name will be Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The highly anticipated console can be launched globally in May 2019 in all regions.

This means that Xbox Maverick can be announced prior to E3 2019 and Microsoft Keynote events. While many people expect the announcement of the next generation of Xbox consoles at the event, the Microsoft front is likely to make such a surprise.

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

If all the details are correct, the All-Digital Xbox One S will be a critical system for Microsoft. The company is working on a fully digital-based future and can perform its first tests with the new Xbox One S console.

In fact, this is not just single news and rumor, because in recent months there have been similar rumors, claiming that Microsoft has named Project Scarlett the diskless Xbox project.

If it’s true, this is going to be a historic step for the gaming industry, and Microsoft will be the first to make a completely digital home console experiment between three major console manufacturers. In fact, Sny had made such an experimental experiment with PSPGo some 10 years ago, but when PS Vita came out, the production had stopped.

In addition to being an intriguing design philosophy, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition can also be a messenger of Microsoft’s Xcloud gaming stream service. With the proliferation of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft may be able to move to fully digital services in the future. Who knows, perhaps as alleged, Microsoft is moving towards becoming the Netflix of the game world.

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