Will Apex Legends Walk On The Wall?

Apex Legends

Following the update on March 6, new leaks for Apex Legends continue to be published. According to the latest news, there may be serious changes in the movement system of the game. While the data miners continue to review the game’s files, we also have information on what to add to the popular free to play battle royale game. Now the Apex Legends are walking on the wall and talking about the future of the long jump.

So far, much has been found on Apex Legends. For example, while the remote controlled turret and the lava gun appeared as two new weapons, a mode called Night Mode had emerged. Now it is also claimed that the future of walking and long jumps on the wall.

Apex Legends

Walking on the wall was a key element in the Titanfall series, another popular game of Respawn Entertainment, and said to be added to Apex Legends. RealApexLeaks on the Twitter account published in the game files in the ‘wallrun_curveEnable’ statement coincided and this is shown as the greatest evidence.

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At the same time ‘super jump’ in the phrase of the game, while walking on the wall and super jumps can be added to the game. For now, there is no official statement from the producer, but why not?

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