What’s New in Rage 2’s E3 Trailer

Rage 2

Rage 2 , which was among the expected games of 2019 and launched on May 14, continues to be played on both the console and the computer platform. The production released a new trailer for E3 2019, which will be held tomorrow.

The production, which was evaluated as ‘mixed’ by computer players in Steam, continued its sales as 299.00 TL and bought a new trailer. In the new trailer for E3 2019, new content was shown to the players. In addition to some new items that will come to play in the images, new vehicles are among the content that excites the players. Aiming to present different action scenes to the players, Bethesda creates immersive gameplay with different monsters.

Rage 2

The expanding team, which will offer players new tools with a new gameplay mode, will share more information about the new content in E3 2019.

Rage 2 consoles could not find the hope on the computer platform, but also sold well to PC players did not give a kind of expected. The production is considered to be mixed, with a decline in PC sales.

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Within the scope of E3 2019, new content will be available to players.

You can watch the game E3 2019 trailer below.

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