We can create a female manager at FIFA 20


FIFA 20, which has been sharing a lot of new information with the players in recent weeks, seems to offer a very realistic structure. We will be able to create a female character and act as a manager in the game, which will allow us to play matches on the streets.

Today, while the excitement continues to reach the highest point in women’s football team matches, Electronic Arts aim to bring this situation to the FIFA series. The game will be launched on September 27 in a very different structure from the past series will appear in the FIFA 20 female characters will take place. More precisely, players will be able to create female characters on the character creation screen, and they will be able to manage the game.


It is not difficult to predict that FIFA 20 will also appeal to women in this development that we have gained with the news of Eurogamer. EA will present many innovations not included in the previous series with its new game, and it will also hold the world’s leading clubs and players licensed.

According to the news, players will be able to create both male and female characters in the Career Mode. They will also be able to use various accessories on the character they create.

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With Volta mode, the production will take players to street games, each mode will offer a different experience. In the meantime, the choices we make in the game, our team behavior, the series, and other elements will affect the morale and behavior of the team. In other words, we may encounter positive and negative reactions in the game. We will be able to organize press conferences before and after the games and give morale to our team.

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