Washington Truck Expansion of American Truck Simulator Released

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator , which is one of the most popular trucking games of today , has been played by large audiences since 2016. The production, which has fans from all over the world, gained Washington’s expansion in recent weeks.

The Washington expansion, which was offered to players with a price tag of $29.00 on Steam, was able to satisfy the players in their initial reviews. The expansion, which is considered tarafından very positive Steam on Steam by PC gamers, has been played with pleasure since yesterday. With the expansion pack that offers new content to the players, many unique intersections and roads emerge.

The expansion of 16 new cities has also been added to different companies, offering players a richer load-carrying platform. Large and realistic ports with a richer appearance in the construction of many unique performances are included. Players will face Washington with more content and more performance.

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Washington, one of the northwestern states of the United States, is known as the 13th most populous state with a population of 7.5 million. Drivers will experience a realistic chauffeur on this state’s coastal scenery, forest roads, winding river lanes, and mountains that run through the mountains.

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