Ubisoft Releases A New Patch For Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege, played by more than 40 million players all over the world, is among today’s most successful fps games. Since the release of numerous updates, the production has taken a new update and eliminated the existing errors.

As you may recall, a new Australian map Outback has been added to the Rainbow Six Siege in recent weeks. Outback map played with interest by gamers received some patches with the latest update. With the latest patch published by Ubisoft, the blocked windows and black screen issues on the Outback map were eliminated. The new update on the test servers is being developed to address these issues on the new map.

Rainbow Six Siege

The new patch, announced as the Y4S1.1 update, focuses on solving the errors in the game, while new content is experienced by the players. The new update brings better gameplay to players by fixing some problems between a black screen, operator, user interface and levels.

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Together with the new map, both characters named Mozzie and Gridlock were present. Currently, these two characters are among the most played.

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