Treyarch Speaks of Changes to be Made on Black Ops 4’s New Game Modes

Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, today’s popular action game, presented Specter Rising operation to its players as of May 1st. With the update before the new operation, the production offered new modes to the players. Developer Treyarch talked about the changes to be made with these modes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, one of today’s most played battle royale games, presented Specter Rising, a new operation to PS4 players on May 1st. In addition to the new operation, new maps and new game modes were available to the players. The developer team will make changes on some game modes with updates that will come to the game Treantch. According to Altchar, Treyarch will make some changes to new versions of Black Ops 4, Prop Hunt and Bounty Hunter.

Black Ops 4

After the changes, players will not be able to stay in the depths of the water forever, players will be damaged for a long time. The developer, who wants to make the game more balanced, continues to work to provide a fair gaming experience for everything. Players will not be able to wait under the water forever after the change to be made underwater.

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In addition, some improvements are made to the game. While there is no information about when the patch will come, information is given about the changes to be made.


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