Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Reign of Blood Expansion Released

Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms, the best-selling game of May, has recently received a new expansion. The name of the new expansion is announced as Reign of Blood, while the game was added to the bloody scenes.

Total War: Three Kingdoms continues to host historical wars, filling Sega’s safe with money, selling more than 1 million copies in just 6 days. The Reign of Blood expansion, announced last week and presented to players this morning, brings some bloody scenes into the game. Total War: Three Kingdoms, which will take players to the violent battlefields of ancient China with the Reign of Blood effect package, has become even more immersive.

With the Reign of Blood expansion, adult bloody effects, animations, and deadly moves are added to both the campaign and the battlefield. The game became more realistic with various visuals depicting blood and brutality for new expedition events.

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Reign of Blood

  • With new effects, people’s body will break apart.
  • In addition to people, the horses in the game will also be torn apart. More precisely, they could break their legs.
  • In the action scenes, players will be able to encounter blood splashed as a result of the blows they make.
  • Players will be able to increase and decrease the brutality as they wish.
  • Players who purchase and install the expansion pack will be able to activate the contents of the new expansion from the graphics settings.

The Reign of Blood package is available on Steam at $2.99.

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