Total War: Three Kingdoms 2nd Update Released in Beta

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Launched on May 23, 2019, for the PC platform, Total War: Three Kingdoms released its second update in beta. The production will continue to be sold in Steam at 179.00 TL and will offer innovations to the players with the new update.

As a result of the information we received from both the official website of the game and the Steam community page, we learned that the 2nd update was added to the servers in beta. Stability problems were solved with the second update on the servers. As a result of the feedback from the players, the developer team realized some high priority changes and said the updates will continue to come.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The developer team says that they will address the problems of stability with the patches that will come in the short term and that they will be added in extra elements that do not carry stability risk. In addition, over time, there will be a shift from wider stability fixes to wider-range updates that address balance and other changes.

It is stated that there will be more updates for the game in the future.

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Update Notes


  • Fixed the shutdown issues that occurred in the game.
  • All of the multiplayer lobbies were clearly visible.


  • Russian and European players will now be able to see Chinese texts in chats.
  • Some inappropriate character names have been removed.


  • Balances have been made to provide a fairer gaming environment for players

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