TheHunter: Call of the Wild Expected Call of the Wild – Yukon Valley Expansion Released

TheHunter Call of the Wild

TheHunter: Call of the Wild, which has been playing on the console and computer platform for about 3 years, resumes its sales. Normally having a price tag of 32.00 TL and 40 percent discount since last week, the construction will continue to sell without any discount after minutes. This morning, the production presented its new expansion, Call of the Wild – Yukon Valley to both console and computer players.

The new expansion pack is called Call of the Wild – Yukon Valley. With the new Yukon Valley, players can hunt on a larger map. The Yukon Valley, which will emerge in a different part of Alaska, is also home to a sensitive ecosystem. In addition, some creatures such as Reindeer, Red Fox, Clown Duck, Lowland Bison, and Gray Wolf will also appear in this valley.

New wolves coming to the game with the expansion will be able to walk around on the map, hunt and face the hunters. The wolves who will have realistic behavior will pose a great danger to us.

Call of the Wild – 10 main missions and 42 side missions are added to the game with Yukon Valley. New reserve manager Jim Murray is coming with 10 new achievements, new gun ammunition, and more expansion.

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The new expansion, which normally costs 15.50 TL, is sold at a price of 11.62 TL with a 25 percent discount until July 2.

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