The Outer Worlds’ Halcyon Colony Introduced

The Outer World Halcyon Colony

Obsidian Entertainment’s highly anticipated game, The Outer Worlds, will be available to both console and computer platform players on October 25th. In new video production, the players will be introduced to the Halcyon colony.

In The Outer Worlds, where we will explore a new planet with a single-player gameplay mode, we will try to explore a space colony and combat different dangers. As soon as 2 months before the launch of a new colony promotional video came to the agenda with the new colony sharing information about the players.

You can watch the video introducing the Halcyon colony below:

The Halcyon colony which will take place in the game was shown to the players with a video of approximately 4 minutes. There are aliens, bars and interesting places in the Halcyon colony. In this colony, players will be able to visit and explore Terra 2, Monarch and more.

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Halcyon can be one of the most beautiful places in Outer Worlds. Waterfalls, giant trees, and a unique flora will take place in this colony.

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