Slay the Spire Comes to Switch in June

Slay the Spire

PC and PlayStation 4 played since November 2017’n platform Slay the Spire same period Switch was announced for the platform. With the information coming today, the game has finally taken the exit date on the Switch platform after 3 years.

Slay the Spire finally played PS4 and PC platform for many years and finally announced the date of the future of the Switch platform. The production will be played as a single player and will have the same content quality as the PC platform on the Switch platform. Players will try to progress with different cards. While the computer platform of the production will take place in Turkish, it will be included in the Switch platform.

The Slay the Spire Switch platform has been opened to pre-orders as it has a price tag of $ 24.99 for its players. File size of 419 MB will be published by Humble Bundle, which will have a file size.

Over 250 different cards, more than 150 items and more than 50 unique battle scenes will be on the game. On January 23, 2019, the game was completely upgraded to Steam, which left a total of 1 million copies on the PS4 and PC platform. The game has a price of $24.99 for the game Switch platform, which costs $40.00 on Steam.


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