Rebel Galaxy is Free on Epic Store until June 27

Rebel Galaxy

Epic Store, which announces a new free game every week, did not go away this week either. With the announcement made last night, Rebel Galaxy will be available in the Epic Store for PC players until June 27.

With a price tag of $31.00 on Steam, players will go deep into the universe and participate in space battles. The production, which first appeared on both the console and the computer platform in 2015, was rated ‘very positive tarafından by PC gamers at Steam when it was released. The production, which is almost stalled in sales today, will be distributed to PC players free of charge until 27 June as part of Epic Store’s free games.

Rebel Galaxy

It has single-player gameplay and will feature many unique spacecraft. Players will often interact with aliens as they make discoveries in the universe and fight to survive.

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We will participate in action-packed battles against living creatures on the other end of the universe, and discovery, discovery, trade and more. In the construction of the pirates, we will be able to plunder the debris from the wars and make exciting discoveries.

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