PUBG Lite is Updated!


The PC, then the console and the last mobile platform PUBG is played by more than 200 million players all over the world. Late in the day’s developer team that offers a free Lite version of the appreciation of players, having a very successful process in Turkey.

In the first week of its publication, PUBG Lite has an appealing audience of 700,000 players. Passing quite a successful process, PUBG Lite will get an update soon. Today, with the statement of the game on June 4 an update is expressed in the future. With the upcoming free update, players will be presented with Duo Mod as well as new weapons and vehicles.


With the update, the game will be added to the game with various awards. Players will be able to win these awards according to their performance. June 4, along with new features, improvements, tools, and weapons will be presented to the players. Duo mode, ie dual mode, players will participate in competitive matches with both first-person and third-party camera angles. Also included in the game will include the Rony tool and the QBZ gun.

Players will be able to receive unique prizes with events that last until 18.00 every Saturday. All players participating in the game for the duration of the event will be able to earn more points with 2 Büyükada Chest and BP Boost.

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Originally built with the maps of Miramar and Erangel, the Sanhok map is now included. With a size of 4 × 4, Sanhok was inspired by Southeast Asia.

You can watch the promotional trailer of the new map below:

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