Overcooked 2’s Night of the Hangry Horde Expansion Released

Overcooked 2 Night of the Hangry Horde

Overcooked 2, which was offered to console and computer platform players in August last year, received a new expansion yesterday. The name of the expansion was announced as Night of the Hangry Horde, and it was informed that it is currently being played across the platform.

Overcooked 2, highly acclaimed on the computer and console platform, was rated ‘very positive’ on Steam. The new content package, which manages to satisfy the players and gives the players fun moments with very colorful content, has gained a richer content structure.

Launched on Steam with a price tag of $18.50, Night of the Hangry Horde brings players facing Dead Bread, the biggest threat to the Onion Kingdom. In addition, Dead Bread will come out with their friends this time and they will be in a stronger structure.

With the new expansion, players will have to showcase all of their abilities to repeal dozens of waves of dead material. Eight flock modes with expansion will bring players to face dead bread, giant zombie apples, and fast zombie chili peppers.

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In addition, it has taken its place in the game on 12 new levels. 9 new kitchens and three hidden Kevin levels, new mechanics and more came into play.

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