Outer Wilds Published on Epic Store!


Over the past few weeks, Outer Wilds has been featured frequently in our news and was finally presented to Xbox One and PC platform players. The production is now available in Microsoft Store and Epic Store as playable all over the world.

Outer Wilds, which will bring the players into an endless time cycle, has finally emerged with its single-player structure. In recent months, the PC platform, instead of Steam, Epic Store will be published on the information sharing with fans to the launch, was launched today. For the PC platform, the Epic Store has a price tag of $11.99, and the Xbox One platform has a price tag of $71.25.

First-person camera angles await players in the production, launched in 12 different languages. Outer Wilds has a gameplay based on an exploration that is far from reality and played in an atmospheric structure.

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Their players will be exposed to various dangers while exploring discoverable content in the construction that will lead to the depths of space. In action and adventure games, the storm will sometimes break, sometimes we will face monsters and sometimes we will struggle with hunger.

We will face problems such as nutrition and housing in the game where we will deal with our personal needs.

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