Nvidia 65 Inch 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors Released

Times finally arrived and Nvidia by Big Format Gaming Display monitors was published. These monitors will be 65 inches in size and will be available in 4K resolution. It will also support Nvidia’s G-Sync display technology with HDR, with 144Hz and 4ms latency. The US sales price of the monitor will be $ 4999!

As you might expect, these monitors are more appealing to the rich class, but at least now they have 65-inch high-tech monitors for the PC. So Nvidia has closed a lack in this area.

With the VESA certification, Big Format Gaming Disks will deliver extremely vibrant, colorful and high-contrast visuals and fully reflect HDR technology.

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These 65-inch monitors will have a response time of 4ms with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Also added to the Nvidia G-Sync technology, the developer will be able to get the quality it offers in the game, and neither screen rupture nor snags nor ghosting will happen.

As a result, although expensive, Nvidia has finally released its 65-inch monitors, and we expect it to become even more popular from now on.

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