New Hero Eira for Vindictus Announced

Eira for Vindictus

MMO has been played fondly for years – the 14th hero of the action game Vindictus announced today. This new hero named Eira will be added to the game on April 30, 2019, and will be officially released. At the same time before the celebrations began.

A special Eira recording event is now being held in Vindictus to celebrate the release of Eira. From today on until April 28, 2019, everyone who has pre-registered will be given some special gifts. When Eira is out, the event will end.

An action – MMORPG production, Vindictus has a semi-open world and dungeon-based gameplay. In the game by entering the dungeons level and you are developing your character. It is more like Dungeon Fighter Online and Soul Worker.

Vindictus, who made his debut in 2010, was one of the rare MMORPG games using Valve’s Source graphics engine. An average of 225 players are playing on Steam, which is available on Steam from Nexon’s own site. Despite this, the majority of players who prefer to play instead of Steam prefer Nexon’s own client. Vindictus is currently among the rare MMO games that use the Source graphics engine.


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