Monster Hunter: World’s The Witcher Update Has Arrived

Monster Hunter: World's The Witcher

All meet expectations by selling more than 12 million copies worldwide managed Monster Hunter: World PC platform is poised to make an event to put a smile on the faces of the players. After months of construction offers the expected activity to the players.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt content, which was offered to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players three months ago, is now available to PC gamers. The Witcher 3 event is offered to PC players as of May 9 with an update to players. The incoming update is specific to the PC platform, but also offers new tasks to the likes of the players.

Monster Hunter: World's The Witcher

With the Witcher 3 event, which will provide players with a new mission in the coming week, players will appear as Riviera Geralt in Monster Hunter: World. Players will fight against monsters by controlling the character of Geralt. Players will be able to have different awards with new tasks. The new event, which is offered to PC players with free updates, brings in unique weapons as well as existing and new armor sets.

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Another event will come on 17 May. The name of this mission was announced as Contract: Woodland Spirit. Players who accomplish this mission will be able to win the Ciri Alpha armor set and Zireael double blades.

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