Monster Hunter: World’s Spring Update Will Be Introduced On May 9!

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is continuing to make money to Capcom without losing its popularity. Spring will release this update for all platforms, which will receive an update called Spring.

Monster Hunter: World, one of the games that marked the year 2018, has made Capcom the best publisher of 2018. In a short period of time, millions of copies of copies of the production are ready to stop making a new update while continuing to prepare. According to the information that Altchar has made with the news, the name of the update that will come to the game is designated as Bahar. The update details will be published on 9 May and the news will be shared with the players on 9 May.

Monster Hunter World

Capcom, who will share information with the players about the development of the game, will also have striking comments about the upcoming content. In addition, an event will be presented to PC platform players on the specified date. Players will be able to win several prizes at this event.

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As you may recall, in the past few months we’ve been talking about a content called Iceborne. Various information and details on the subject will be presented to players on 9 May. Capcom, Monster Hunter: World program will give the answers to the most curious questions.


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