Microsoft Announces Older Windows Versions Vulnerable to Attacks


Windows, one of today’s most popular operating systems, has been used in our country and all over the world for years. The operating system, which has been developing in different versions, is satisfying the users with the security structure which is currently in its latest version.

The operating system Windows is used all over the world, offering users an easy availability with the updates and innovations it has received for years. While the most up-to-date version of the operating system is Windows 10, there has been a striking detail about older versions. According to PC Gamer ‘s news, according to information, Microsoft said that the users of Windows 7 and less operating system to update and use the most current operating system, he said. According to the news, Microsoft has added that older versions are vulnerable to attacks and that there are vulnerabilities.


It also released a critical update to address a major vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft Windows. With this update released, the vulnerability in the older versions has been shut down.

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With this vulnerability called Wormable, malicious software is spreading through vulnerable computers and poses a serious threat.

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