Mario Kart Tour to Launch on September 25 for Mobile Platform

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo’s series of games with millions of fans Mario is preparing to come to the mobile platform with a new production. The Mario Kart Tour, which is expected to make its mark on the mobile platform, will be launched on September 25th.

The announced Mario Kart Tour for Android and the iOS platform is now being eagerly awaited. Nintendo began to shift to the mobile platform gradually. Today, with the information from Nintendo’nun new game Mario Kart Tour’un both Android and iOS platform will be presented to players became clear.

Mario Kart Tour

According to the information we received with GamingBolt, Nintendo announced the Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS platform. Production will be playable on both platforms on September 25. More precisely, it will be launched. Whether there is clear information about whether mobile gaming is free or not is expected to be free.

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Considering how successful the series is in consoles, the new game is expected to be quite successful on the mobile platform. The game has not yet been pre-registered in the markets of the platforms.

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