Life is Strange 2 – Episode 4 Published

Life is Strange 2

Launched on September 27, 2018, on the console and computer platform, Life is Strange 2 presented its 4th episode to the players. Steam continued to sell at $4.99 and the fourth part of the main game was $4.99.

Life is Strange 2, played with a single-player story, was announced in 5 different episodes. The production, which won the appreciation of the players with the first 3 episodes, presented the 4th episode to the players as of August 22nd. In the new episode on Steam, which has so far been considered karışık mixed oyun by players, we’ll partner with the story of Sean, who was seriously injured in Humboldt, California.

Life is Strange 2

The additional story that Daniel is missing is that the players will face difficult situations and face different dangers as they try to find Daniel. The story that we will proceed under the extremely hot Nevada sun will also make decisions to find Daniel and solve the problems we face.

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Nothing will go well in the game new content and tasks will be waiting for us.

The main story of the production of the appreciation of players from all walks of the 5th part of the production will soon share with the players.

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