Left Alive PC Performance Analysis

Left Alive PC

The predecessor, the Left Alive, made a game of privacy inspired by the Metal Gear series. We also tried the game in the first stage and seemed to be a game of old generations. We also looked at the benchmark results of Left Alive prepared with the Orochi 4 Engine and performed a PC performance analysis.

In this PC performance test, we used the Intel i7 4930K processor, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX 580 and RX Vega 64 and Nvidia RTX 2080Ti, GTX980Ti and GTX690 graphics cards. Unfortunately, as in many PC games these days, Nvidia has not added SLI support for the game. Therefore, the performance of the GTX690 graphics card was similar to the GTX680.

Left Alive PC

Square has added several graphics settings to be edited to the PC version of Enix Left Alive. In this context, coating, coating filtering, shade, Ambient Occlusion, depth of field and section details are able to adjust. We can also turn the anti-aliasing and blur settings on and off.

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Left Alive doesn’t want a high CPU and I have seen a minimum of 49pps, and the average 56fps in 1080p resolution and Ultra settings in the dual-core system without Hyper-Threading. When we enabled Hyper-Threading, our dual-core system has reached 60fps.

It was fixed at 2560x1440p with a constant 60fps resolution and RTX2080Ti was the only video card capable of performing smoothly. In the 4K resolution, Nvidia’s most powerful video card is unfortunately not able to play Left Alive at 60fps and we see a minimum of 47fps and a mean of 55fps. This is also a disadvantage for the game.

The worst part is that Left Alive really looks like an old generation game. In many places, low-resolution coatings and the deterioration of the environment stand out, while the lighting is rather inadequate.

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