Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Prodeus


Mike Voelle and Jason Mojica launched a Kickstarter campaign for Prodeus. Prodeus will be an old-style retro-style FPS game but will use today’s modern rendering techniques. While they aim to reach 52 thousand dollars in 31 days, they have already collected a significant portion of this amount.

You can watch the new trailer of Prodeus from below, good looks!

Prodeus, an engagement game, uses modern render techniques that are old-fashioned and have enough quality to be expected from an AAA game. The game will feature a high-quality 3D retro aesthetic, will use high-level visual effects and meet unlimited blood players with plenty of action.

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Prodeus, which has a dynamic music album and claims to offer immersive gameplay mechanics, will also feature a rich arsenal. Especially those who miss the FPS games in the old days are thought to love Prodeus, the support of the producers seems great.

The interesting thing about Prodeus is that it will offer both 2D and 3D modeling to players. We’ll be able to change the resolution settings in the game to play as we chose. There will also be a level editor and we will be able to create our own sections.

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