John Wick Hex Designed as a John Wick Game Since the Beginning

John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex announced for the PC platform and pre-ordered in the Epic Store, will soon be released to its players. The production, which will appear as a professional game of the world famous film series, has an attractive price tag of $8.99.

Designed from the very beginning as a John Wick game, we will partner with the life of a professional shooter with John Wick Hex. We will think and act like John Wick, a fast and fast-paced structure will be waiting for us. As a strategy game, it will have a rich story universe.

The production will be played in a fight-themed way, making quick decisions by players and any action they take will be vital. Featuring unique combat mechanics based on strategic moves, John Wick Hex will present tactical combat in the movies with a real spirit. New weapons, clothing options and more will be included in the game.

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With limited ammo, it will be difficult to accomplish tasks. Players will proceed through the game with cheats, and try to be a good shooter with black and white content. After successful missions, we will find different weapon models and use them in the game.

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