How to Tweak Sensitivity & Use Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope

Fortnite may have taken the Real Fever in the United States, but PUBG is becoming quite strong on mobile devices in India. PUBG Mobile uses the same free Fortnite model, which lacked its PC version. Most of the popularity is also due to the fact that PUBG Mobile offers many options in the configuration to better optimize the game for different devices.

It really helps your business in a country where most users use low-cost Android devices. You can change from a range of graphs to low and high, as well as change the way of visualization, perception, and behavior of the controls. One of these in-game configurations allows users to use a gyroscope to aim.

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope

What is a Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile?

Most Android smartphones have a built-in gyro sensor. A gyroscope can make good measurements of the movements of rotation and deflection so that the real movement of the user can be analyzed and evaluated accurately. PUBG uses this so that users can point with the help of tilting the device, and not with the finger on the screen, which is not very impressive. Of course, pointing to a gyroscope clearly is not for everyone. But if you like it, you can improve the accuracy and speed of your aim several times.

How to Use Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile?

So how do you turn it on by pointing with a gyroscope? Run PUBG Mobile and wait for the download on the main screen. On the main screen, click on the gear icon in the lower right corner to access the game settings. In the “Settings” section, select “Basics” in the right column if it is not already selected, and on the left, you will find options for using the gyroscope. The three options you can choose are Always On, Scope On, and Disable, which is selected by default.

Gyroscope PUBG Mobile

Select Always on to use the gyroscope, always oriented to activated Scope, to activate it only when it is pointing to the action area. Now you can go back to the game and use the view and angle of your device. If you find it more comfortable than using your fingers, you can adjust it a bit. PUBG Mobile allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope in different situations and by using different types of areas.

You can adjust these parameters immediately after turning on the gyroscope, but it is better to first use the default settings in the game. This will give you a better idea of what kind of sensitivity you prefer. Finally, we will leave this video with the amazing view of a Reddit user, using a turn sensor.

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