How to Turn Off Google Maps Notifications

Google Maps Notifications

Google Maps is one of the company’s best products, which includes search, Gmail and photos. It has changed a bit in recent years, and although some things have improved, other supplements are more annoying than useful. Take the notifications you receive after visiting a store or restaurant, for example. You know, those who ask you to look for a place, answer questions or upload photos.

Keep in mind that not all of them are bad, for example, alerts about changes in your trip to work. But for me, it is less than the one that appears every time I return home from Walmart. Fortunately, Google offers some detailed notification settings in the Maps application, so you can leave or turn off anything you want. So here is a quick guide on how to do this. I promise that it is very simple.

Maps notification settings

When entering the “Maps” application, open the left drawer and scroll down to “Settings”. Once there, you will find a notice in the center of the screen where we should be. Click on it and you will see a list of ten separate sections. From here, you decide which ones you want to disable, but simply choose the one you want.

Each section will have a different number of switches. For example, Traffic, Drive to Work and Transit only have two pairs, while Your contributions and People and Places have so much that you need to scroll down to read them all. Google does a good job of describing what each of them does, even those who speak for themselves.

Disable the Pesky ones

As I said, what you turn off or leave depends on you, but I made a small list of the most annoying notifications so you can find and deactivate them quickly.

  • Your contribution -> Family places.
  • Your contribution -> Questions about places
  • Your contribution -> Add or confirm information
  • Your entry -> Add your photos
  • Your contribution -> Rate and rate places
  • Your contribution -> Show notification photo
  • Your contribution -> Contribution ideas
  • Your contribution -> Questions about your area
  • Your contribution -> Questions about your recent trips.
  • People and places -> Timeline of notifications
  • Transit -> Station information (if you do not use public transport)

Here it is quite simple, but when you set up a new phone, it can be easy to forget about these switches in Maps. I must say that, since they are disabled, I have reduced my spam notifications a bit more, now you can do it too.

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