How to Set Video As Wallpaper in Android

How to Set Video As Wallpaper in Android

Nowadays live wallpapers are very normal and there are a lot of live wallpapers on the Google Play Store as well. Their prominence has even conveyed them to desktop working frameworks, but just by means of outsider designers. Live Wallpapers are a thing on Android since the Eclair days, however. Today, you don’t require a live wallpaper as an application since you can set GIFs as wallpapers. If you need, you can even set recordings as wallpapers on your Android gadget.

If you’ve at any point searched for video wallpapers on the Google Play Store, you more likely than not discovered a lot of applications for it. Some applications enable you to set any video privately put away on your gadget as wallpapers. Then again, some applications have a couple of video wallpapers accessible inside. With GIFs, you, for the most part, need to pay special mind to the quality since GIFs aren’t more often than not of high goals. Recordings, then again, can be very high-res. Regardless you have to stress over something however and that is the video design. You can just set MP4 or 3GP recordings as wallpapers.

How to Set Video As Wallpaper in Android

Discover a Video to Set as a Wallpaper

To use a video as your wallpaper you clearly need one first. Most recordings are shot in scene mode however while your telephone wallpapers must be in picture mode. So ensure the video you use is likewise in picture mode. A scene video should be vigorously zoomed in and trimmed out so as to round out the best and base of your telephone’s presentation.

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Set Videos as Wallpapers on Android Devices

With the application installed, you can without much of a stretch set recordings as wallpapers. Simply dispatch it and experience the presentation pages and you’ll arrive specifically to the application’s primary page. There are not a ton of things to stress over here as the application’s interface is very clear.

Select Gallery and after that, it will open the default Android file pioneer. You can use it to choose a video or discover more choices in the side menu cabinet. When you’ve found and chosen your video, ensure you select Loop Video if you need the video to continue playing persistently. You can likewise choose whether you need to play the sound incorporated into the video or not.

For a wallpaper, it is best that you turn the sound off. It’ll additionally not be useful for the battery if constant sound continues playing through the speakers. When you’re prepared, simply select Set Live Wallpaper and afterward SET WALLPAPER. Contingent upon your Android adaptation or OEM skin, you may likewise inspire the alternative to pick whether you need to apply the wallpaper on the Home screen or Home screen and lock screen. You have effectively set your most loved video as a wallpaper. Appreciate!

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