How to Remove or Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro Notch

Effectively evacuate and conceal notch on Realme 2 Pro cell phone. We have come a huge path from the huge rectangular notches that began showing up a year back. To enhance the plan of the notch, first, the general size was decreased and as of late, brands have begun receiving this tear-drop kind of notch which fundamentally is the measure of a front camera module. As we would see it, this methodology is more satisfying to the eye than the standard boxed shape. On account of this tear-drop notch Realme 2 Pro accompanies very less bezels. Be that as it may, in the event that you are still not a fan, you can without much of a stretch shroud notch utilizing our means ahead.

For telephones with a notch, marks more often than not include an implicit choice that enables clients to pick between whether to have the notch shown or not. Tragically, ColorOS — the skin running on Realme 2 Pro — doesn’t have this usefulness. In any case, we have an answer for work around this. Utilizing a straightforward application, you can evacuate the notch. This application is accessible through the Play Store and requires no additional alterations, for example, root. Besides, we have tried this application on our Realme 2 Pro too and we are happy to report it works incredibly.

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

Because of the nonattendance of an implicit setting to shroud notch on Realme 2 Pro, you can essentially utilize the Nacho Notch application to achieve a similar outcome. This application constantly keeps running out of sight and puts in an outskirt around the best edge — the stature is fluctuated by the Notch which by and large is actually equivalent to the notice fringe.

We have assembled a guide with screen captures to enable you to introduce and set up the application legitimately. We have attempted and tried the Nacho Notch application on our Realme 2 Promealsand it works very incredibly.

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Step-By-Step Guide:

Step 1: Download Nacho Notch application from the Play Store.

Step 2: The application would keep running out of sight when it would be empowered so allow it appropriate authorizations.

Step 3: Presently, to utilize the Hide Notch include, simply pull the Notifcation board down twice to alter it and tap on Edit catch to finish everything. On some cell phones, it would have a rigging symbol or something like speak to altering choices.

Step 4: From the accessible switches, drag the Hide Notch flip to the dynamic flips board.

Step 5: Presently, simply tap on the flip to evacuate Notch.

Step 6: A few clients may see that the dark fringes executed by the application are not round. To empower round bezels, simply discover the Nacho Notch application alternate way in your application cabinet and tap on it. From the rundown of two alternatives, slide the Enable Rounded Corners slider.

It’s just as simple as that! You can now effortlessly shroud indent on your Realme 2 Pro cell phone. On the off chance that you need to return, simply debilitate the flip from the warning draw down.

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