How to Install Google Sounds 2 on Any Android Device

Google Sounds 2

Each smartphone comes with its own sound selector for ringtones and notifications. Although it is an easy way to access preloaded sounds, it is also quite limited. Knowing this, Google decided to upgrade the experience on its own Pixel devices by launching a second version of the system audio selector. Fortunately, although it does not have to be compatible with other devices, solving the problem is easy. Here’s how you can install Google Sounds 2 APK on your Android Pie smartphone.

What is Google Sounds?

Google Sounds is a sound selector that we used in the Android ROM and set up for several years. This allows you to access a library stored on your system, or use your own track instead. The problem is that not everyone wants to use a song as a ringtone, and it is always helpful to have more predefined options.

Now, thanks to its second version, the application looks much more complete and offers more flexibility. Google Sounds 2 comes with a completely redesigned interface that now looks more like Google Wallpapers. When you play it, you can see 6 categories of sounds, including “My Sounds” for your personal sounds. In addition, at the top of the screen you can find an animated viewer to make it a little more pleasant.

The application does not occupy space in the application box: instead, you can run it directly from the sound configuration. It also allows the application to recognize which sound is changing and only display the corresponding ones. In other words, the application will show ringtones or notification sounds without mixing them up. Now let’s see how you can install Google Sounds 2 on your android device.


As we mentioned in the introduction, Google Sounds 2 is designed for use on Pixel devices. More specifically, it seems that Google has released it only for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. However, being a free application, the Android Police team quickly shared an APK for everyone. When we tested it on other devices, we found that it is not limited to Google smartphones. In fact, it seems that the only real requirement is to have Android 9.0 Pie.

How to Install Google Sounds 2

Download Google Sounds 2 Apk

We can proceed to install it on our device. Remember that for security reasons, your device may block the APK if you do not trust the source. Since we know this is reliable, we can resolve unknown sources for the browser we used to download the application. You may notice that the application will not request any permission during installation, which is why it will not work right away. In fact, Google Sounds 2 cannot work without access to the repository, so now we are going to fix it.


To grant permission, you must open the configuration menu and access the application section. Then find Google Sounds 2, which will appear as “Sounds.” When you open the application information, you should see the Permissions section within which you will find the storage section. As soon as you give it, the application can work well.

How to use Google Sounds 2

After installing Google Sounds 2 and granting storage permission, the final step is to launch it. The easiest way is to enter the sound settings and click on the option of a ringtone. You must receive a message to select the default application where you can select a new one. If you manage to do this, then you are ready to leave.

Otherwise, you must create a shortcut to access Google Sounds 2. Custom launchers typically allow you to do this using the Actions or Shortcuts widget. Creating this widget will lead you to the list from which you have to select Google Sounds. As a result, you get the app right on the main screen.

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