How to Install an Apk file via ADB Commands

How to Install an Apk file via ADB Commands

Other than sideloading APK on Android gadgets, you can likewise introduce APK utilizing ADB directions. In this instructional exercise, we’ll perceive how we can sideload APK by means of ADB effortlessly. Peruse on to take in more.

Hi people, how would you introduce an application on your Android-controlled gadget? The greater part of my buddies addressed this inquiry with the most widely recognized answers like introducing from the Google Play Store application on their Android gadgets or introducing applications by signing into their Play Store on the PC and introducing Standalone applications from the SD card by empowering the Unknown Sources alternative in the gadget settings. The vast majority of Android clients can be categorized as one of these classifications since that is the straightforward method to introduce applications. In any case, imagine a scenario in which the UI of your gadget fallen and you can’t get to any applications on your gadget.

How to Install an Apk file via ADB Commands

When you’re playing with some irregular application, your gadget may at some point crumple because of that application meddling with your gadget UI. This most conceivable situation is that the gadget’s launcher is hung and can’t be gotten to. As you most likely are aware without the launcher application, you can’t get to anything on your gadget. Subsequently, in the event that you have to introduce any outsider launcher application to get into your gadget, you need to download the launcher application APK on your PC. On the off chance that the Google Play Services has crumpled (this typically happens when you attempt to mod your gadget), you can’t introduce the application from Play Store by any means.

All things considered, the ADB acts the hero. ADB is the abbreviation for Android Device Bridge which acts a scaffold between your PC and Android gadget. You can introduce applications through this ADB apparatus, yet it isn’t constrained to it, the extent of ADB device is far higher and regardless of whether you think minimal about Android advancement you will comprehend its significance. In any case, for the subject, we will demonstrate to you best practices to introduce android applications from ADB. So we should continue ahead with the guide.

What you need:

  • Device Drivers Installed
  • ADB and Fastboot Installed
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device

Install an Apk via ADB Commands

  1. How about we make the fixings prepared, separate the ADB documents to an organizer on your PC and place the APK record you need to introduce.
  2. Presently open a command prompt in the ADB foder by holding the Shift key and Right Click in the vacant space in the organizer.
  3. Associate your gadget to the PC and type the accompanying order to check whether your gadget is distinguished by the PC. adb devices
  4. On the off chance that your gadget doesn’t appear under the List of gadgets, check the gadget drivers on your PC and return.
  5. Presently type the accompanying direction to introduce the application from your PC. adb install “apk name” Where apk name is the correct name of the application you’re introducing.
  6. In the event that it indicates achievement, the apk is effectively introduced on your Android gadget. There are additionally numerous alternatives for the ADB install command: adb install -r “apk name” & adb install -s “apk name”
  7. In the event that you need to uninstall an application, its the comparative system. Type the accompanying direction: adb uninstall “apk name”
  8. In any case, in the event that you need to Uninstall an application, you have to realize the whole bundle name like com.adobe.reader, which is somewhat precarious.

That is it, attempt this little trap on your gadget

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