How to Fix Red Frame Border Issue on Android Devices

Fix Red Frame Border Issue on Android Devices

Here’s how to solve the problem of the Red frame or the red border around the screen on Android devices. You may face this problem if you enabled “strict mode” on your device knowingly or by mistake. I got the idea to write this guide for beginners from one of the comments in this post (thanks to him!). It is aimed at those who have just started with Android and also those who have been using an Android device but do not have time to delve into its configuration and other technical things.

Have you ever experienced a flashing red frame on all sides of your Android phone’s screen? Sometimes, this red border stays for about 10-20 seconds and even more. Have you ever thought about what it is and why do you see that red line on all four sides of your device’s screen? If you are just a basic user or are not familiar with it, you can take it for a problem with your phone’s screen or LCD screen, a software error, or even as an indication of impending disaster on your phone.

Fix Red Frame Border Issue on Android Devices

So, is that red glow around the edges of your Android phone’s screen really a serious thing to worry about? I do not think so because it’s just a small flaw that resulted from a misconfiguration in the configuration of your phone and is known as “Strict Mode“. It is not one of those characteristics for normal use. Rather, it is a development tool to test and analyze some technical aspects of Android devices.

Strict mode is not found on all Android devices. It’s a new feature that was added to help developers with Ice Cream Sandwich and higher. Therefore, you can see the red line only on the phones with ICS, JB, Lollipop, Noughat, Oreo and possibly the next Pie. It does not matter if you have a Samsung Galaxy device, Sony Xperia, Motorola, LG Optimus, HTC or Pixel, if it is in any of the Android versions mentioned above, you should see the “Strict Mode” in it.

How to get rid or turn off strict mode

If you encounter lines or frames with a red glow on the edges of the screen of your phone or tablet, you can disable it directly from the configuration interface of your device.

Method 1

  1. Open Settings> Developer Options and scroll a bit.
  2. Here you will find the “Strict Mode” option.
  3. Just uncheck/uncheck the box.
  4. Then reboot the device.

If you have a new Android device, do the following:

  1. Open Settings> About Device> Software Information and click Build Number 7 Times.
  2. In doing so, you enable the developer options on your phone.
  3. Now go to Settings> Developer Options.
  4. Scroll down to find strict mode and turn it off. If you do not find this option, click the search icon and enter “Strict Mode”.

The alternative solution for Red Frame on Android devices

If turning off strict mode on your Android phone or tablet does not solve the problem of the red line on all sides of the screen, follow these steps. Keep in mind that the procedure described below only works on root devices, since it involves editing system files. That is, you must have root access to be able to use this method.

Price: Free
  1. Download and install the root file/browser admin application from the Google Play Store. I recommend Root Browser.
  2. Also, download BusyBox and, after installation, open the application and click the install button to run the busybox script.
  3. Launch the root browser and open the “system” directory.
  4. Scroll down to the file “build.prop” and open it.
  5. Select Text Editor to edit the file.
  6. Now add the following lines to the end of “build.prop”
    persist.sys.strictmode.visual = 0
    persist.sys.strictmode.disable = 1
  7. Finally, click the “Save” icon on the top bar to save the changes.
  8. When you are done with this, restart the phone for the changes to take effect.

I know that it’s unlikely that everyone will stumble upon a blinking red frame or a red border on their device, but it’s still important that they know it. Knowledge always helps and is never wasted. Our task is to update every bit and byte of Android so that you can use your phone more efficiently and confidently and solve these problems yourself.

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