Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree

Popular family card game with numerous commercial variants also known as 39Cat amp Mouse39 or 39Spite amp Malice39. The game rules are simple with 100 fun guarantee: be the first player to move all the cards from your stock pile into the playing piles thus winning the game. Block your opponents to slow them down.brbrFeatures:br Customize your game by choosing the number of opponents cards in the stockpile and game Unlimited undobr Resume games after pausebr No frillsbrbrGame rules:brbrThe object of the game is to be the first player to play out their entire stock pile. brEach player is dealt 10 20 or 30 cards for their stock pile with only the uppermost card visible and a hand of five card. brThe shared play area allows up to four build piles which must be started using either a quot1quot card or a 39J39 and each player also has up to four personal discard piles. brEach turn the active player draws until he has five cards in hand and plays on the build piles. He must play either the next card in sequential order or a wild 39J39 card using either cards in hand the top card of his stock pile or the top card of any of his four discard piles. If the player can play all five cards from hand he draws five more and continues playing. When no more plays are available the player discards one card to either an empty discard pile or on top of an existing one and play passes to the next player. When a build pile reaches 12 it is removed from the board and that space becomes empty for another pile to be started play continues until one player has played his final start card.brbrPlease help us to fix possible errors. Send us via email a short description of the issue. Thank you very much.

Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree

Name:Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree
November 21, 2018
Requires Android:
4.1 and up
Google Play-URL:google play link

Download Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree For PC Windows & Mac

  1. First, download and install  Android App Emulator completely.
  2. After downloading and setup, open App Emulator.
  3. Now in App Emulator click on the Search button in the first line on the app emulator home screen.
  4. Now in the search box, type Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree  and get the manager on Google Play Search.
  5. Click on the app and install it.
  6. Once installed, you will find Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree in all apps in Android App Emulator, click to open it.
  7. Use the right mouse button/click to use this application.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn about Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree and to play it properly
  9. That’s all.

 Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree Screenshots

Super Spite & Malice Adfree
Super Spite & Malice Adfree
Developer: PB Softworks
Price: £1.99
  • Super Spite & Malice Adfree Screenshot
  • Super Spite & Malice Adfree Screenshot
  • Super Spite & Malice Adfree Screenshot

Download Skido: Spite & Malice Adfree for Android and tablet devices

Google Play Store: Download


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