Flex Utility Premium

h1bTRY THE FREE VERSION FIRSTbh1brWe39re getting killed in the reviews from new users who don39t understand the app. PLEASE try the free version first. Catch a few blocks with it understand the app then consider Premium. brh1bTHIS APP DOES NOT AUTOMATEbh1brh1bPLEASE TRY THE FREE VERSION FIRSTbh1brbrh1bWhat it isbh1brFlex Utility is an app designed with the intention to help Flex drivers catch blocks. To achieve this we used Android accessibility libraries to make the tapping process easier. By providing an accessibility overlay button drivers no longer need to awkwardly tap on the app to catch blocks. Flex Utility Premium provides one overlay button to handle all of the processes. This means that drivers no longer need to pay their full attention to their phone while tapping. With this app drivers may do other activities such as getting ready for the day while simultaneously tapping and catching blocks.brbrh1bBlock Filtersbh1brbrThe app was designed by Flex drivers and has evolved into something that can suit a wide variety of drivers needs. Using the filters drivers can ensure that they39ll only attempt to accept the blocks that they want. brbrThe Station Code filter allows drivers to input the stations that they wish to work the app will then only accept blocks with the provided station codes.brbrUsing the Hours filter drivers can be sure that the app will only accept blocks of a desired length. Such as 3 hours 4.5 hours or both 3 4.5. All filters allow for multiple entries using a comma to separate them. This allows for precise customization to suit any drivers specific needs.brbrWith the Start Time filter drivers can ensure that they39ll only accept blocks that start within a certain time. For example inputting 101112 into the filter the app will only attempt to accept blocks that start from 10:00 to 12:59.brbrUsing the Pay filter drivers can really take control and set their rate. The pay filter allows for a greater than entry such as: gt50 and the app will only grab blocks that pay 50 or more.brbrh1bBlock Log amp Alertbh1brbrThe block alert feature plays a ding sound when a block matching the set filters appears on the Flex app. This lets drivers know when they need to pay attention to the phone and get ready to work a block.brbrThe Block Log feature saves block information to a log viewable within the app. This is useful for seeing what blocks you may have missed. It39s also very useful for determining when certain blocks drop at what times throughout the day. Block Logs can be exported to CSV for even more advanced analysis in a spreadsheet.brbrh1bIn Shortbh1brFlex utility Premium saves drivers time and headaches. Since the Flex app itself provides no sort of filtering and many drivers have block preferences we have created it ourselves. Flex Utility provides for a much more natural and intuitive tapping experience and the filters ensure that you39ll be accepting the blocks that you truly want.brbrh1bRefundsbh1brI will refund the app in full at anytime regardless of how long ago you may have purchased it. All that is required is for you to email me.brbrh1bWhat it isn39tbh1brFlex Utility Premium is not an autotapper. The app does not guarantee that you will catch every block. This app is not a cheat script or a hack of any sort. We use legitimate libraries provided for Android to create it. The app is not nor was it designed in anyway to cheat or otherwise give an unfair advantage to users. Flex Utility does NOT collect any personal user data. Flex Utility does not use or require any user credentials. There is no login of any sort. brbrbrbrFlex Utility is an Android Accessibility Service designed to assist users with disabilities or users who may otherwise need additional user interface feedback. The app uses official Android Accessibility Service libraries provided by Google.

Flex Utility Premium

Name:Flex Utility Premium
April 23, 2020
Requires Android:
7.0 and up
Google Play-URL:google play link

Download Flex Utility Premium For PC Windows & Mac

  1. First, download and install  Android App Emulator completely.
  2. After downloading and setup, open App Emulator.
  3. Now in App Emulator click on the Search button in the first line on the app emulator home screen.
  4. Now in the search box, type Flex Utility Premium  and get the manager on Google Play Search.
  5. Click on the app and install it.
  6. Once installed, you will find Flex Utility Premium in all apps in Android App Emulator, click to open it.
  7. Use the right mouse button/click to use this application.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn about Flex Utility Premium and to play it properly
  9. That’s all.

 Flex Utility Premium Screenshots

Flex Utility Premium
Flex Utility Premium
Developer: JW Dev;
Price: £19.99
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  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot
  • Flex Utility Premium Screenshot

Download Flex Utility Premium for Android and tablet devices

Google Play Store: Download


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