How to Disable Play Store Pre-Register “Coming Soon” Notifications

Play Store Pre-Register Coming Soon Notifications

Pre-registration is a useful feature in the Play Store that allows you to receive notifications when a non-launched application is available for download; In fact, it debuted a few years ago. But about a year ago, Google began actively sending registration offers to some users, which means that you will be notified if Google believes you are interested in a particular application or game that you recently entered into the previous record.

However, the interaction with this function should be low, since in recent weeks many users have reported receiving more of these pre-registration offers (some of them have never received them before) and it is easy to understand how this happens. It can be annoying.

Play Store Pre-Register Coming Soon Notifications

Deactivating offers is quite simple, and this is activated by a switch in the Play Store settings. Simply open Play Store, extract the sidebar, click on “Settings”, then on “Notifications”, and you will see the following screen. From there it’s pretty obvious: uncheck the pre-registration checkbox.

This will not deactivate notifications of games and applications for which you have previously registered; will continue to receive assistance when running these games. You simply will not receive offers of applications and games for which you may wish to register previously, and I think we all agree that this is just an illustrious ad. Therefore, if you have seen more of them lately, do not worry, preparing for them is easy and will not be confused with notifications about pre-registration in general.

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