How to Disable “OK Google” On your Android Smartphone

OK Google

Our phones are able to respond to voice commands; This is great: you can ask to translate the unit of measurement in the kitchen without entangling the screen, or change the direction of movement, without taking your eyes off the road. What is less important is that, in order to facilitate this convenience, telephones must be constantly listened to and their termination is disappointing. There are configurations in several places that seem to do the same, but they do not. This manual will explain the menus you need to navigate through to change these settings, the differences between all similar sound settings, and the disadvantages of each Google Ok deactivation method.

There are two main ways to disable OK Google on your device. One option, perhaps the most obvious, does not really bother your phone to listen to commands; it only prevents him from reacting to them. The other completely avoids illegal eavesdropping but also eliminates other features of the device that can be saved. None of the options is perfect: you will have to decide which one suits you according to your needs.

OK Google

Disable the Google Assistant and Voice Match

There are steps you can take that seem to make Google stop listening, but that is not entirely true. In the Google application settings, there are options to turn off Voice Assignment, a feature that allows your phone to respond to the “Well, Google” commands even when the screen is off, and even to completely disable the Google Assistant.

To access these options, in the Google application, touch the icon on the bottom line (these are three horizontal lines), and then the “Settings”. On the next screen of the Google Assistant, you will have to click on Settings again.

On the screen, in the “Devices” section, click on “Phone”. You will see the option to disable access through the voice matching feature, which always listens to Ok Google. If the voice matching feature is turned off, voice commands still work, but only on the main screen of your device. If you want to go even further, you can completely disable the Google Assistant, but it will also block access to your functions in any way (not just the voice).
If at least one of these switches went on before, your phone still responds to “Ok Google” the first few times it says it after shutting it down, asking if you want to enable the Google Assistant again or the voice matching feature. He is still listening without invitation. Everything is complicated by the fact that you can access these settings from the settings menu of your phone and from the Google Home application. Changing them from any of these places changes them in all of them.

If you are tired of the fact that your phone is turned on when you try to ask your question on Google Home, this method may be right for you. If your concern is more confidential, it probably is not enough.

Deny Google microphone permission

There is only one way to prevent Google from tracking the microphone activity on your phone: cancel the application’s permission on the microphone.

Start the configuration application by clicking on the Configuration icon on the application bar or on a small gear in the corner of the quick configuration panel. (The configuration menu varies from one manufacturer to another, but in general, they are quite similar – these instructions are specific to Pixel devices.) From there, click on “Applications and notifications”, then select “Google”; It will probably be at the top of the list, but if by any means, you can look for it with a magnifying glass in the corner.

From the information screen of the Google application, click Permissions. Click on the switch next to “Microphone”, then “Deny” in any case in the warning pop-up window and you’re done: Google no longer listens to you.
Now there are several problems with this. First of all, it is not entirely intuitive, especially for people who do not spend their time reading blogs on phones (hello!). Two, as they say in the warning dialog box, “the main functions of your device seeing for example, holding the start button (or pressing the phone if you have pixel 2) to activate the assistant, or by touching the microphone to search for the voice in the Google application will not work

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