How to Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome for Android

Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome for Android

The popularity of Google Chrome is not something that almost nobody knows. This is by far the most popular web browser on desktop computers, and it comes in one package when it comes to smartphones. Thanks to the powerful hardware currently available at all price points, Chrome has few problems, but this was not the case when it started working on mobile devices. That’s why Chrome, pre-installed on Android, has played an important role in its current popularity among smartphone users.

Since then, Chrome has undergone many changes, especially for the better. For example, if you want to clear the browser’s cache and data, you can find settings for that on the inside. However, Chrome also allows you to access these settings from the history page.

Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome for Android

Why delete the cache and the data?

As we have said, modern smartphones have almost no problems with something like Google Chrome. Even some of the cheapest Android devices can work quite well with Chrome. However, over time, when you install more applications and use your device, and Chrome more, it usually fills the available space. When this happens, you may experience delays and not very smooth performance. This is true for the Google Chrome browser, as well as for the Android smartphone in general.

The cache data includes images and files from several websites that you visit frequently. The browser stores them to deliver these websites faster since they do not need to download images and other data over and over again. Therefore, while removing data from the cache can help free some memory on your device, it will also cause some sites to decrease more slowly the first time. The cache information will increase again over time, so you do not have to worry about losing it.

In the same way, erasing your browser data can also help you release valuable memory. Browser data includes cache data and other things, such as cookies and media licenses, that allow you to transfer DRM-protected content from sites such as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Like the data in the cache, it will also grow back when you continue to use your browser. However, other browser data, such as form data that is automatically completed, saved passwords, browsing history, etc., are deleted as soon as they are deleted. Therefore, before cleaning, make sure you never need them.

How to Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome for Android

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. In the overflow menu that appears, select Settings.
  3. In the “Settings” section, select “Privacy” in the “Advanced” subtitle.
  4. Depending on the size of your device’s screen, you may find the “Clear View” data below, or you may have to scroll down to view them. In any case, click on it.
  5. There is a simpler and alternative way to access Clear View data options, but this only works if at least one tab is open in Google Chrome. In the overflow menu, select “History” and then select “Clear Browsing Data
  6. Regardless of the route that followed, it lands on the same page, which is divided into two tabs: Basic and Advanced. The “Basic” tab is convenient to use, there are no surprises. It allows you to erase most of the data that can be deleted in the Advanced tab. The only difference is that, in the Advanced tab, you have more control over what you want to delete and what you do not want to delete. In the basic configuration, cookies, media licenses, and site data are combined, so you can not choose to delete them and leave the rest. You also get additional options to erase stored passwords and form data in the “Advanced” tab.
  7. Select everything you want to delete and make sure everything you do not want to shoot is not selected.
  8. When you are ready, click on “Clear Data” in the lower right corner. Now you can also select the websites for which you want to delete data. All websites are preselected, you can unselect the ones you want and then press Delete/Clear.

That’s it! You just cleared cache and browsing data in Chrome for Android successfully.

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