How to Change PlayStation 4 ID?

Change PlayStation 4 ID?

You can now change your name on the PSN! So how do I change the PSN ID? How does the PlayStation 4 account name change?

Sony has finally made a very long-awaited announcement, and PlayStation 4 users can now change their PlayStation Network Online user names. Thus, in various parts of the world, shame PSN names will become history and people with remorse will be able to choose a new nickname. So how do I change my PSN name? How does the PlayStation 4 ID change?

Change PlayStation 4 ID?

How to Change PSN Online ID in PlayStation 4

You can change your online ID on a PlayStation 4 or an internet browser. So you can’t do it with PS3 or PS Vita.

To change the PSN ID in PlayStation 4, go to Settings, then Account Management. From here, enter Account information, then profile and Online ID. Then make the change by following the on-screen instructions.

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How to Change the PSN ID in Internet Browser

To change your PSN name in the web browser, enter your PlayStation Network account and select the PSN Profile section from the menu. Click ‘Edit’ next to your Online ID and either enter your new nickname or use one of the recommended ones.

PSN ID Change Fee – PSN Name Change How Much Money?

According to a blog post shared by Sony’s social media director, Sid Shuman, all changes will be free for the first time. But then it will be $ 9.99 to change. PS Plus members will pay $ 4.99 at a discounted price.

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