How to Change Font on Android Devices

How to Change Font on Android Devices

Android is known for its customization capabilities, and using a custom font is one of the main things that give your Android a unique feel. Here is a list of Android sources with steps to change the Fonts on Android devices.

Android, Android Android, not very customizable, unlike the popular perception that Android is very customizable. Most of the Android settings come from external developers who find ways to use some aspects of this. Google does not care about customization, and it shows off how many Android updates work in comparison to personalization. In addition, there is still no theme engine in Android actions.

How to Change Font on Android Devices

This applies to all Android manufacturers that use the mask on top of Android. Some, like Samsung, even allow users to easily change system sources. If you do not have one of these devices, you will have to rely primarily on the root methods to change the font on your Android device.

Nowadays, it is likely that using root to change things will disable SafetyNet. Once this is done, you will not be able to use the Google Pay, Banking, Netflix, Snapchat applications or any other similar application that proves it. Fortunately, the developer community has also developed ways to solve this, and the answer is Magisk Systemless Framework. While you are entering your device through Magisk, you can do many things, including changing the source of your device. For those who still do not know about Magisk, that’s all you need to know about it.

First, Install the Magisk Midnight module

If you have a device installed through Magisk, the Magisk Manager application will also be installed on it. The Magisk repositories host a module called MidnightCore. This allows users to easily change boot animation, sources and system sounds. We have already reviewed the module, its functions and the possibilities of its installation.

Then Install a terminal application

A disadvantage of the MidnightCore mod, if you want to call it, is that it does not have a user interface. If you want to use it, you need to install a terminal application that allows you to execute terminal commands. It does not matter which terminal application you use so you can use whatever you want.

Price: Free
Material Terminal
Price: Free+

How to Change Fonts in Android

  1. Whichever application you choose to install, run it now. Then type the following command in the application and press Enter to execute it. it su
  2. The above command is used to obtain root access. You may be asked to provide root access to the application after executing the command. Then start accessing the MidnightCore module by entering the following command. midnight
  3. Here is how you will need to run the module each time you need to change the sources or do something else.
  4. Now it should be in the main menu of the MidnightCore module. Here you are offered several options that you can explore. Since we are interested in the sources at this time, type 1 in the terminal and press Enter. Next, you will be presented with a list of all the sources included in the module.
  5. After having looked at the desired source, simply enter its corresponding number in the terminal and press Enter. The module will ask if you want to save the source offline, type 1 and press Enter to save it offline.
  6. When finished, you will return to the main screen of the mod. Now you can close the terminal session by pulling the notification tone and selecting EXIT or CLOSE TERMINAL in the notification of the terminal application.
  7. Reset Device

This is it! You have successfully changed the font of your Android. If you ever want to restore the default fonts, just log into the module from the terminal application again and on the main screen, enter r.

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