How to Backup SMS & Contacts from Android to PC

Backup Contacts and SMS

Do you have nightmares that their new Android smartphone is working and you will lose all contacts and text messages in no time? Even if you have peace of mind that is not inclined to such an experience, every Android user knows that the information you have on your phone is extremely valuable. If you lose, you will never get it back. Although there are several tools that can help you recover lost data, why go through this pain, when you can just backup contacts, SMS and other data on your computer to save everything?

There is no easy way to manually backup your contacts and SMS text messages, but there are several software applications that can help you with this. Here are two ways to solve this problem. The first will show you a way to backup contacts and a way to backup messages, and each of these forms require a different approach. The second method allows you to select and select any type of data to back up on your computer. It is flexible, reliable and easy to use, and take care of your problem within a few minutes.

Backup Contacts and SMS

For contacts, Google is the best way to go. If you have a Gmail account, it means that you have a Google account for all of your other products, including cloud services. You can use this to backup all your contacts in your Google account. From there, you can transfer data to your computer if you prefer to live there.

Use Google Account to Sync your contacts

All you need to do is give Google permission to store all the data on your device. This does not apply to SMS text messages, but works for contacts if you change the settings as follows:

Go to “Settings” > “Backup and Restore” (or “Reset”, depending on the model of your Android phone), then select the “Backup my data” option. You will have the opportunity to immediately backup your data, as well as automatically restore it if you change your device.

This action is to take a copy of the different types of data stored or created by your Android phone, and save them to servers in the Google cloud, from where you can easily access using your Google credentials.

The only drawback to using this method is that you cannot view your contacts. To do this, you must restore them on the same or another device.

Use SMS Backup & Restore to Save your messages:

This method is an alternative solution, since you must make a backup of your messages on the SD card and then transfer them manually to the computer. However, the application itself is very reliable and will not have any problem with the process.

  1. Download and install the SMS Backup & Restore application from the Google Play Store and launch it.
  2. You will see a menu where one of the options is “Backup”. Touch this and you will see “Create a new backup.” In this popup window, you can specify the name of the backup file in .xml format. You can also make a local backup or make a backup and download it. In the same pop-up window, you can create a backup of all or only certain conversations, as well as include MMS messages, emoticons and special characters. Make the appropriate choice.
  3. If you selected only a local backup, you will receive a warning message stating that data will be lost if the device is damaged or lost. Click “YES” to confirm. If you choose another option, the backup will be uploaded to the cloud. Later you can select Email, Dropbox or Google Drive as the location for this download.
  4. Once the process is complete, you can click “OK” and that’s it.

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