How is Overwatch ranked?

Overwatch Ranking

The only game in Blizzard’s shooter genre, Overwatch, has been popular for many years and has a wide audience in both PC and consoles. It’s also a game that includes the Overwatch ranked system, and we ‘ll touch on the Overwatch rank system.

Overwatch’s ranking system is not as flexible as other online games, so it can be more difficult to move from one rank to another. The ranks are in 500-point increments, and the lowest-ranking Bronze starts at 1500 points.

Overwatch Ranking

Since you get 20-25 points per win, it is not easy to skip rank in Overwatch. So we decided to explain the system a little.

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Overwatch Ranks

There are 7 different ranks in the game Overwatch and the points they want are as follows:

  • Bronze – 1500
  • Silver – 1500 – 1999
  • Gold – 2000 – 2499
  • Platinum – 2500 – 2999
  • Diamond – 3000 – 3499
  • Masters – 3500 – 3999
  • Grandmaster – 4000 and above

According to the statistics published by Overwatch production director Jeff Kaplan, the ranks of the players are as follows:

  • Bronze – 8 percent
  • Silver – 21 percent
  • Gold – 32 percent
  • Platinum – 25 percent
  • Diamond – 10 percent
  • Masters – 3 Percent
  • Grandmaster – 1 Percent

On the other hand, this statement was made in 2018 and the ranks of the players may have changed in this process. It will still give you some idea. While bronze is the lowest rank, usually the newcomers to the game are at this rank. The rank of Grandmaster is the highest point you can come to Overwatch.

How to Become Ranked in Overwatch – How to Enter?

If you haven’t been ranked in Overwatch yet, you must meet certain requirements before entering competitive games. First, you have to reach 25 Level in Quick Play or Arcade modes.

The reason for this is the continuous increase in the number of Overwatch characters – heroes and all of them have different abilities. If you had started the game directly in competitive mode, you would naturally have difficulty and not recognize the characters.

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When you reach 25 Level, the purple competitive option opens in the menu and you will enter 10 placement matches. Your first rank will be determined according to the wins and defeats you have won in these 10 games. Although many players settle in the Silver – Gold range after placement matches, it’s important that you perform.

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