Hotline Miami Announces Update Claims Unfounded

Hotline Miami

Offered to the console, mobile and computer players in 2012, Hotline Miami has not received updates for months and continues its sales with its attractive price tag. $9.99 the price tag with the construction update news came up today.

With a single-player story structure, Hotline Miami has been played on various platforms since 2012 and continues to play. A new statement came from the developer of the successful game, which came up today with allegations of updates in some sources.

Hotline Miami

PC Gamer said today that a new update could come to Hotline Miami and that there was a teaser for the new update. This teaser, which gives clues to the future of a new hero, is unfortunately not published with official channels. Teaser shared via Twitter.

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Hours after the news, PC Gamer released an update and stated that the shared teaser did not have official channels and did not reflect reality. In other words, Dennaton, the developer of the game, said there were no ongoing improvements. So the next update to the game consists of a claim.

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