Hi-Rez Studios Announces New Game Rogue Company

Rogue Company

Ascent’s Hi-Rez Studios came up with a new game announcement today: Smite, Paladins, Realm Royale, Tribes. Hi-Rez Studios announced a game called Rogue Company in its new announcement, which was also on the Epic Store.

Rogue Company, announced as a multiplayer shooter game will be launched in 2020. PlayStation 4 can be played in real-time, making it expected to be released simultaneously on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platform. Male and female characters will be included in the game which will have different weapon models. The production will look a bit like a battle royale. Players will be included in the game by jumping from the helicopter on the map. Rogue Company will have competitive features with its highly active and fast-paced gameplay.

PC Gamer ‘s report says Rogue Company will be launched as a team-based PvP game. The production, which is said to have different competitive modes, would receive continuous updates. The production, which is expected to bring real players together in real-time maps, will be launched in 2020.

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