Harry Potter’s Mobile Game will be released June 21

Harry Potter wizard unite

Harry Potter, which attracts the attention of the world with his novels and films and has incredible popularity, comes to the mobile platform. With the news coming today, it became clear that the game was adapted to the mobile platform and will be published soon.

With an immersive adventure world, the Harry Potter series will aim to reach millions on the mobile platform. Niantic, who has achieved incredible success all over the world with Pokemon Go, announced today that he is working on a new Harry Potter game.

Harry Potter wizard unite

Harry Potter, which will appear in a structure similar to Pokemon Go, will carry various traces from the real world. The mobile game, which first appeared in beta for New Zealand and Australian players last May, will be available to players in the US and UK on June 21st.

The production, which has been eagerly awaited by mobile players, has yet to be published for other countries.

According to the information we learned with Game Informer, the production will take place on June 21, both Android and iOS platform. Let’s see if the game can give you what’s expected soon.

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