Hades Introduces New Story Content to Players with its New Update


Launched on December 6, 2018, Hades announced a new update while continuing to sell on the Epic Store. Developed by the creators of the Bastion and Transistor games, Hades received a new update.

Offering rich content to players in terms of action and RPG, Hades will continue to be played as a single-player, while we will be included in the game as the immortal prince of the underworld. In the game we will struggle to get rid of the claws of the death god, we will encounter different enemy models.

With its new update, Hades offers new content to the players and offers an even more impressive atmosphere. With the new update, players are presented with a biome and new story content is added to the game. In the new biome, Styx Temple, players will encounter a series of innovations in addition to a more challenging structure.

The production continues to offer new content to the players with its unique new story structure and has made the structure immersive with the update.

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Underworld Prince expanded the story to a more action-building production, Epic Store on the $14.99 sales continues

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