GTA Online’s Casino Update Released, Real Money and New Content Costs Announced at $ 800!

GTA Online Casino Update

In recent weeks, which are subject to frequent news GTA V ‘s new update was presented to the players two days ago. To date, the new update launched on July 23 brought the casino into the game. The GTA Online Casino update is now playable.

Rockstar made the players curious and announced an impatient wait for GTA V. With the update that came into play on July 23, the casino finally appeared. With GTA V, players now have access to Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and more.

With the information received today, the total cost of all content that can be purchased with the update from the game has been determined. Offering real-money purchasable content to players, the developer has set a fairly high price tag.

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According to the information we received from PC Games N, GTA Online’s casino update requires players who want to buy everything for $800. So players who want to try all the content in the update immediately can access this content for $800 real money.

According to the news, the costs of all content on Twitter are also shared with the players.


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