Grand Theft Auto V Coming Soon

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, which has sold more than 100 million since 2013, has been played with interest by players for years. The production, which has never lost its popularity since the first day, enriches its content with the updates it receives, is preparing to add a new casino soon.

Grand Theft Auto V, which has been played on the console and computer platform for years, continues to offer new content to its players with new updates. Successful sales with the money for years Rockstar Games ‘ case filling the production, is preparing to receive a new update.

Grand Theft Auto V

PC Games N, according to the information we have made with the news that Rockstar Games has announced on Twitter, the casino will soon be announced in the game and the next update will take place in the game said.

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According to the news, the developer team, which will present a luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood to the appreciation of the players, has stated that poker can be played at this casino. Casino, diamonds, diamonds, such as awards will take place.

The casino, which will appear as a new business in the next major update, will also be quite realistic.

It is estimated that players will be able to own the casino instead of gambling at this casino. It is not yet clear when the update will arrive.

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