Giant Update of PUBG Mobile Released

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, played by millions of players since February last year, released a giant update last night. The update released on Google Play and the App Store is now available for download.

Played by millions of players on both Android and iOS platforms, PUBG Mobile continues to offer new content to players with its new update. Last night, the production of a new update, the release version announced as 0.13.0 while sharing the new content with the players. With the update, Team Death Match was added to the Evo Field. As it is known, the new game modes would be included in the Evo Field.

PUBG Mobile

Taking important steps for tricks and tricks known as the common concern of all players, Tencent has made the detection of cheat within PUBG Mobile more sensitive and improved further. With the update that made some improvements in the Vikendi map, players can now leave their footprints in the snow and follow their opponents. With the theme of Godzilla, the mobile production gives the players a more interesting look, offering new popularity gifts, ranking rewards and titles.

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In addition, a number of improvements have been made in the game.

The Android platform has a file size of 561 MB and the 0.13.0 update has the same file size on the iOS platform.

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