Gears 5 Released Trailer

Gears 5

Yesterday, Gears 5 announced that it will have a file size of 58 GB on Xbox One today with the output trailer came up. The production, which will be launched on September 9, gives brief information about its maps and content with its new trailer.

Gears, which has been in pre-orders for months and started to be counted down by the action lovers, shared the 5 exit trailer with the players. The new trailer shows 11 different maps and content. The production will be presented in a very rich structure and will provide a new experience to the players with different map models.

You can watch the exit trailer of the game below:

4 of the 11 maps that will be available for Versus and Horde modes will be available for Escape mode. Each map will have its own contents and features. In addition, each map will be included in the training mode.

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According to the information we received from GamingBolt, players will encounter the training mode in each map and will be able to learn the map faster. In this way, players will be able to adapt to the game more quickly.

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